Comes from a long-line of Varsovians. His grandfather was a renowned horse – drawn carriage driver, and where our house was originally built, the famous Palace of Culture was constructed and now stands. I have been a licensed tour-guide since 1995. I run tours for children as well as for adults, I also have tours for native Polish and foreigners too. I’m a graduate from the Etnology and Cultural Anthropology Institute, with the drive of an archealogist and I’m a dreamer who is madly in love with the fascinating city of Warsaw. I cooperate with community houses, organising various cultural events as well as city games. In my spare time I am a voracious book reader and bicyclist. I am also a devouted backpacker, so whenever I can, I travel to remote places to gain more experience and meet interesting people.

Please feel invited for a tour of my Warsaw!

Being my client, you can be assured that you will be getting professional service and your time in Warsaw will be an unforgettable experience.

My tour-guide license number is: 507.
I can also issue invoices.

Call or email :
Tel. +48 604 985 370

Tour-guiding services in the capital city of Warsaw and the surrounding area.

I can also assist with your lodging, catering and transportation needs, as well as tickets, entry fees and tour guide rental.